Broken Vessel

May It be a Blessing to you

I shall worship the Lord

I stand in the hearing of the foolish, oh my childlike spirit gets punctured not once, not twice by the bullets of the ignorant.

The murmuring of those appalling words I knew but didn’t want to hear, yet I must stand and listen. Be kind. Be meek. Be gentle. Be selfless. Be be what I tell myself. Don’t let them know of your agony. Listen to them talk and let them know not when you hurt. Wear the bulletproof vest, but oh it’s no longer bulletproof.

What shall I do, when I must see and let them not know that I am fazed by it. My vest can no longer take it. Shall I still walk in, let them believe that I am..i what am I?

 I am an innocent minded child loved by her Heavenly Father.

I trusted and cared dearly…was I the fool?

Those words that once meant the most now bring an aching memory to my being.

As my flesh desires to sit in despair my spirit calls out to the Lord.

Yes, I shall worship my Lord even now.

O’ how in the midst of the uncertainty the Lord remains faithful and faithful He shall always be to His faithful servant.

3 responses to “I shall worship the Lord”

  1. I often feel betrayed too. But we have to remember that the Lord is the one who takes avenge of all the people who do wrong in our lifetime. The Lord is the avenger. So, we really musn’t be worried about all of the evil that happens, we need to worry about what the Lord will do to help us. Ask God to give you strength to endure the dark temptations of the world and he will give it to you.

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    1. Broken Vessel Avatar
      Broken Vessel


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