Broken Vessel

May It be a Blessing to you

The Puzzle Piece

A jigsaw puzzle is supposed to be made complete by all the puzzle pieces, however what if there’s an unfit match? Its alienated and forgotten. In this world you’ll find many unfit puzzle pieces. They long to belong; yet they’ve never found their match. They are alienated by their own; trying to find a puzzle they can complete.

The unfit puzzle piece has been forgotten by those around it and it has become invisible to the world, no longer wanting to be apart of the place that has thrown it out of where they wished to belong. The puzzle piece has never found a place where it belongs, its like its an unmatched puzzle piece, created to be alone. The world is a very harsh and dangerous place for this lonely puzzle piece, its an outcast. The puzzle piece has always felt like its never belonged, it tries to speak but many times it’s spoken over. It builds ups it courage to speak but is silenced by those around it. When it speaks it becomes invisible. This lonely puzzle piece wonders why it’s so unmatched, it questions itself “what’s wrong with me?” yet never receives an answer. The small actions the puzzle piece does goes unnoticed and it begins to wonder why it does so much to please those around it but is treated like an alien.

The pain it feels goes unnoticed until it’s said its last goodbye. It’s the type of pain it doesn’t share with the world because its afraid of being judged and manipulated by others. Being vulnerable has become a fear to this unfit puzzle piece, when all it desired was for people to see them for who they are. It feels the love being given to others around it yet it never receives it back. The puzzle piece has journeyed to the valley of darkness yet it’s never been able to leave because it doesn’t want to be selfish. It wishes to share love with others but the lonely puzzle piece has been suffering with unrequited love. This has made the puzzle piece feel invisible and when its made a mistake those actions don’t go unnoticed.

The puzzle piece doesn’t blame others for the way its treated, in fact the puzzle piece believes it placed it self in such a lonely place. It’s the actions and its low self-confidence that has alienated this puzzle piece. Most of the time the puzzle piece seems to remain alienated but when invited and surrounded by other pieces it’s still invisible. It grew up thinking that wanting the spotlight would make them selfish and conceded, yet it didn’t know what would await in the future. It forced itself into a shell that no one could reach into and save it. For moments it’s felt joy but it doesn’t let itself feel it for long because it would be selfish it thinks to itself. The joy it feels lasts for a moment but its mind is always running with a constant reminder of negativity waiting for it to pop out from the corner it resides in.

If only people could see that they are human too.


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I am a Broken Vessel that has been restored her hope by her Father in Heaven.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced many challenges that I Pray and Hope will be of great impact to you.

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