Broken Vessel

May It be a Blessing to you


You once looked at me with eyes of a dreamer. 

But it seems that now I’m just a vague thought in your memory. 

You can’t seem to remember if it was real, or if it was a dream. 

I once thought you would realize that I wasn’t just a fable of your imagination, but a real human with real feelings. 

I thought I would be able to forget you just as easily as you sent me to your imagination. 

I thought this would be forever, but it seems that this will only become a long distant memory.

To the end of what I thought could be forever. 

To the one who once looked at me with eyes of a dreamer. 


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About Me

I am a Broken Vessel that has been restored her hope by her Father in Heaven.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced many challenges that I Pray and Hope will be of great impact to you.

Grow the Kingdom of Heaven

Honor and Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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